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FFDP talks Trespass America

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“When we were sketching out the plans for Metal Hammer - Trespass America Festival we wanted to bring out the bands we really like and enjoy listening too.

As we were forming 5FDP, I remember Jeremy jamming Trivium all the time, and I was (still am) a huge Killswitch Engage fan. Those bands belong to the new generation of American metal that started a new fire, and begun to pave the way to what’s the future of this genre holds. They are, our friends, and brothers in the same cause, so naturally we wanted them to be part of the Trespass trek.”

- Zoltan Bathory - Five Finger Death Punch

Trespass America Festival will be the Motherload!

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“As the band grows, we keep pissing off our accountants because we take all the money we make and spend it on production. We have been building bigger and bigger shows, but look out… Trespass America Festival will be the Motherload…

This tour with Battlecross , God ForbidPop EvilEmmureTrivium and Killswitch Engage - will be absolutely insane, this will be the biggest stage set we have ever built… seriously, we’re building a monster.”

Zoltan Bathory  of  Five Finger Death Punch

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet you still can!

Revolver TV Interview about Trespass America!

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Revolver TV meets up with the bands to get more details on the Trespass America Festival.

Trespass America Tickets Now On Sale!

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Tickets go on sale today April 27th at 10 AM for the Trespass America Festival. Check out the tour dates and get your tickets before they sell out!
Check out the tour dates Here!